Intensive Maths Courses

I created some intensive maths courses because so many of my students have the same problems. Often I felt that one hour was not long enough to really study a topic. Therefore I created intensive maths courses consisting of 4 hour  lessons. During the lessons we look at every question that has been asked on that topic previously. There are many versions of this type of question in the exam. Questions range from simple to very hard. Afterwards the student is  able to answer any maths problem asked in the test on this topic. Each week we cover a new chapter in depth. We have classes once a week on a Saturday morning. Often it is very close to the exam and the student is not ready. Therefore intensive math courses are a great help. They need to get ready quickly!


How much do intensive maths courses cost?

It is €100 for a 4 hour session. However there are discounts available for siblings or friends who come together.

How can I pay for intensive maths courses?

You will receive an invoice via Freshbooks via email. Afterwards you have several options to pay. Firstly you can pay in cash. Secondly you option to pay online with a credit card. Lastly you can pay PayPal or via a bank transfer. Please pay within 7 days of receiving the invoice.

How many are in a group?

We have small groups usually between two and four. It is important that the group of students are roughly same level. The group needs to have similar issues. Often a group of friends come together.

How long do the courses run for?

It depends, a whole course or module is around 8 weeks. We have intensive maths courses once a week. This is usually on a Saturday morning. Sometimes students ask me for a one day course. This is because they only have a problem with one specific topic.

How does the student arrive? Is there food?

We collect the students from home in the morning. Then they have a 4 hour intensive lesson. If a student’s parents drive them then I will offer a discount in the price.  Drinks and food are provided such as pizza, chips and snacks and the student is taken home at the end of the day.

Where is the lesson given?

I have a large bright classroom finished with modern classroom furniture. It is equipped with a projector, wiFi, whiteboard, blackboard and a kitchenette with adjoining bathroom and the latest technology.

What do students take home from an intensive math courses?

Every student takes home an interactive ebook, which covers around 20 exam questions on the topic that we studied. You can see an example in our ebook section. After the course they can review all the material that we covered during the course using the ebook.

Who can I contact for references?

I can provide you with the contact details of parents of my students. You can also contact the maths department at Laude San Pedro International College. The headteacher and head of maths will be happy to talk to you.

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