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online maths lessons for iGCSE, IB, AS & A-Level exams

Online Maths Lessons

I started offering online maths lessons after a student had worked with me during the holidays.After the holiday was over his mother suggested we continued. However he was going back to London. Therefore we needed an online solution.During this time I learnt more about online learning. Additionally I researched the technology used in online maths lessons. Eventually I decided to us Zoom Online Meetings together with the wacom intuos graphics tablets. I could use all my resources to the cloud. Also there was so many great webpages.As a math tutor in Marbella I wanted to be available for my students all the time. Sometimes they were travelling or too sick to come to a lesson. Other times a student would need an emergency or unplanned lesson. I was able to help them now.


How much do an online maths lessons cost?

Online maths lessons cost  €45/ hour.

How can I pay for online maths lessons?

You will receive an invoice via Freshbooks via email. Afterwards you have several options to pay. Firstly you can pay in cash. Secondly you option to pay online with a credit card. Lastly you can pay PayPal or via a bank transfer. Please pay within 7 days of receiving the invoice.

How do I schedule a lesson online maths lessons?

The lessons are on the same day and time every week. Parents look at their child’s timetable and recommend to me possible appointment times. Subsequently I enter their details into my Google calendar. Before the lesson begins the student will receive a notification.

If you would like to change the day and time then please contact me. However I may not always be able to change in the timetable. The earlier in the year that a student starts online maths lessons the more choice they will have in picking an appointment.

Which exams do you prepare students for?

I prepare my students to follow the British Curriculum Key Stages 3 to 5. This includes the iGCSE and A-Level Exams. I also teach the International Baccalaureate  at standard level and higher level. Additionally I teach the Irish Leaving certificate. I am also happy to help in preparing for entrance exams.

How do online maths lessons work? How can you write on the screen?

I use Zoom Cloud Meeting Software to instruct the lesson. In my online classroom for my student and I to write on the screen in the two way interactive whiteboard there are two options. We can either use a graphics tablet, I personally use the wacom intuos and a Mac but most of my students prefer to use their iPad and a bluetooth stylus such as the Adonit Jot Touch or Apple Pencil.

Which interactive whiteboard do you use?

I love Ink2Go. I found it was worth investing in this technology with it’s 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity. I combine it with my wacom stylus. I can write really neatly during the online math lessons. Especially I can  easily make diagrams and annotate diagrams.

Is there a live video stream?

We also have a live video stream, during the online maths lesson. Therefore my student and I can see each other on video whilst we are working on the whiteboard. I also use a webcam to get a good clear image.

What about if the homework is online?

Sometimes the homework task requires that we complete some exercises online. This is not a problem because Zoom offers a share screen function. Both my student and I can see whatever I put on my computer screen. Additionally we can both write and annotate on top of the screen.

The homework is a paper handout?

If the teacher has given or emailed a worksheet to complete then the student usually takes a picture and sends it to me via Whatsapp. Alternatively they can  forward me the email and I put it on my computer screen during the lesson. Then we use a combination of the share screen function and the interactive whiteboard to go through the exercises.

Can they record the lesson and watch it later?

There is also an option to record the online maths lesson. The student needs to let me know at the beginning of the class so I can start recording.

How does the student start their online maths lessons? Does it work for all devices?

When we are ready to start I will email or text a link to the student. Then the student simply clicks on the link to begin the lesson. There is no need to download an app or have a specific device. Some students like to have the Zoom app but it isn’t needed.

Can I switch between private lessons and online maths lessons?

Of course. This option works very well for families that travel a lot and do not want to disrupt their child’s education. You can read more about private maths lessons here.

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